In sans-culottes, Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand picks up the heritage of the French Revolution as well as the energy of Breton folk dance and music to create a solo for two butt cheeks and one anus. sans culotte encourages spectators to view the anus as a universal connection – a hole which we all share and which is therefore able to connect us.

In late 18th century France, the Sansculottes revolted against the hierarchy and injustice in the monarchist system and demanded social equity and democracy. Their infamous nickname goes back to the fact that they could not afford the fashionable underwear (culottes) worn by aristocrats.

Robyn/Hugo’s soft anal revolution will also take place “sans culottes”. Due to its physiological function, its position and its sexual connotation, the anus has been much stigmatised in history, creating a strong hierarchy within the body. Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand will now turn this hierarchy upside down in creating a dance for, around and inside the anus. Folk dance and music are still very present in culture as meeting opportunities in Brittany, the region where Robyn/Hugo grew up. Now, in their solo performance, Robyn/Hugo will ask whether it is possible to create a folkloristic dance that celebrates the anus as a beautiful, universal body zone with enormous power of transformation.

Concept, performance Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand Artistic consultation Alix Eynaudi  Light design Denise Kamschal Sound transformation Zosia Hołubowska  Costume design Sarah Sternat Production management Eva Holzinger, Sophie Schmeiser

A co-production by Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand und imagetanz/brut Wien. With the kind support of Studio WTKB, Studio Matsune and Arbeitsplatz Wien.

Special thanks to Pedra Costa, Veza Fernández, Claire Lefèvre, Mzamo Nondlwana, Sebastiano Sing and Alex Franz Zehetbauer.